Since 1998, Truth At Work, one of America‚Äôs leading and fastest growing marketplace ministries, has been providing Christian business owners and leaders a deep, authentic community where they can wrestle with the intersection of faith, life, and business!

Truth At Work members

- Surround themselves with over 200 years of business experience 

- Learn from the wisdom of thought leaders in the Christian business community 

- Are part of a safe, confidential community of Christ-minded peers

- Access a personal board of advisers for professional, personal and spiritual counsel


As a Leader, do you desire to:

  • grow your organization in a God-honoring way?
  • grow professionally, personally, and spiritually?
  • use your business as a Kingdom builder?
  • find a deep, authentic community of fellow owners and leaders?
  • have a safe, confidential place to discuss your challenges without judgment?
If so, I invite you to learn more about Truth At Work. Click here to contact me or go to for more information.

Why does Truth At Work exist?

Founder of Truth At Work, Ray Hilbert shares why Christian leaders should be part of a Christian peer group.

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